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In today's rapidly changing Information Technology environment, the appropriate use of technology and strategic business planning solutions tailored to your business needs and objectives is the key to your success. With an in-depth understanding of business process and technology along with hands-on experience gained through working on significant issues in key industries of the IT marketplace, DPI Infotech is committed to providing you with top-end consulting services and solutions to meet your unique business challenges.

Our professional team of business and technology consultants brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills combined with functional and industry experience to serve the high-demanding consulting and strategy planning needs of our clients for software, web, database design and development solutions. We are flexible to meet the multiplicity of your special requirements thus present the services of our pre-qualified, experienced Information Technology consultants on both short-term and long-term assignments, from technical consulting helping your IT department in evaluating your current implementation and recommending enhancements, to evaluation and needs assessment, selecting the appropriate technology and tools, project management solution, and development of the complete end-to-end web application or software product.

If you have some idea in mind or you are thinking of applying IT technology in a unique and interesting way and you are not sure whether the concept is feasible, our consultants can hold a practicability study and assist you with technological advice, analysis and review resulting in a likelihood report to provide you with a clear vision of how this solution can be used to meet your business objectives or gain a distinct advantage over competitors. Together we can build strategic business and either work with your business units and IT department to implement this solution or provide you with a turnkey project from strategy and management to complete development process.

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Our experts in IT strategy will guide you through initiatives ranging from IT governance to business process improvement to designing the most optimum application and technical architecture to ensure that your enterprise's IT is leveraged and well positioned to support future profitability.