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Training & Workshops

In general, a workshop is an area which include place to work with different tool for manufacturing or repairing of goods. Here workshop means a series of educational and work sessions where a group of people of nearly similar category guided under some expert over a short interval of time to concentrate on a defined technology or area of concern. The Open workshop is a new concept where anyone can join to learn the area of interest, there will be no restriction upon age, level or knowledge of people. The Guide/Trainer will be defined to some basic content for the workshop and will be delivered on that interactively. The purpose for the open workshop may very among informing, knowledge sharing, problem solving or training. Typically workshop covers technical as well as applied part on concern topics.

Workshops is a program introduced in the field of Programming Languages (JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP), Internet Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM, Web Server, Hosting, Android Applications, Web technologies, CMS, Joomla, Ethical Hacking & Information Security among Corporate too. In Corporate we are providing high end training in Information Security, Ethical hacking and even Black Hat level topics like Exploit Development, Reverse Engineering, Shell Coding, Penetration Testing etc. We have options of both Batch Training and Open Workshop training programs. These programs are run only for standard course contents and standard duration. In case the client expects customised course contents, we will not be obliged to maintain the duration, dates and charges. Customized course contents would need to be addressed differently. We offers a range of services to assist individuals, organizations, and institutions around different region in pursuing their own digital storytelling work. We teach Workshops in locations across various regions and in various cities in INDIA. These sessions allow individual participants to explore the creative process of producing their own stories. Our staff members have great depth of experience in presenting at conferences and sharing stories, exploring the historical, theoretical, methodological, and ethical aspects of various technologies, from university to community.

Key Benefits of Workshops:

  • Our Expert team will give demo of Latest Tools & Technologies for the First time at your Educational Institute.
  • The students will get an opportunity to learn and interact with Dedicated and Experienced persons of the Organization.
  • The whole session will be “INTERACTIVE”; it will be learning with fun & experience including various live demo and presentations.
  • Being IT firm, DPI Infotech indulged into Software Development & Digital Advertising & Research, DPI Infotech Certification is emphatically recognized among the industry.