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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

At DPI Infotech, we serve various industry sectors including IT, manufacturing, sales and more as listed below:

Pharmacy, Medical & Health Care

Pharmacy Website SEO/Website Design Development
We have a highly talented team of seo experts whose vast industry experience enables us to exceed the service expectations of clients. They formulate SEO/ Marketing strategies in such an effective manner that guarantees high ranks on major search engines.
The search engine optimization processes we adopt help you with:
  • Top ranking on major search engines like Yahoo, Google and more
  • Increase your visibility and popularity on the web
  • Generates the relevant and good quality targeted traffic to your website
  • Enhance online sales and growth in business
  • Advertising & Publishing

    Advertising & Publishing
    Ever since the emergence of media advertising has become one of the most important tools to market the products to the target audience. Internet has opened a new avenue in the advertising field with reach of internet growing exponentially cutting edge online advertising solutions are need of the hour.

    Our Advertising Expertise:

  • Extensive development experience in the web & wireless sector, resulting in unmatched execution of cross-platform advertising solutions
  • Proficiency in all aspects of online advertising, ranging from the implementation of advertiser-publisher networks to e-commerce exchanges
  • Extensive experience in deploying content distribution systems and streaming media solutions with wireless-to-web internetworking capabilities
  • Development of numerous web based social media applications

    Our Online Advertising Solutions includes:

  • Online Advertising Platform for Advertiser and Publisher Networks
  • Online PPC Management System
  • Online Affiliate Platform and Affiliate Management System
  • E-Commerce Advertising Platform
  • P2P Advertising Platform
  • Real Estate & Property

    Real Estate/ property SEO & Web Development
    Extensive experience of our SEO analysts helps in updating your website with latest search engine algorithms and marketing trend. The regulation and alteration of the websites is done and a monthly progress report is also submitted to client that shows the improvement of his website on major search engines.
    Our service includes:
  • Manual quality link popularity building
  • Manual search engine / Directory submission
  • Blog and Forum posting
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Help website in driving potential traffic
  • Conduct traffic & Sales leads Conversion Analysis
  • We also endow with Return on Investments
  • We update website with the latest Search Algorithm and Marketing Trend
  • Finance & Retail

    Finance & Retail
    Growth of organized retails sectors has been exceptional ever since the globalization. So it becomes very important to retailers to provide smarter ways of shopping to their customers.

    Our Retail expertise:

  • Extensive development experience in the web by developing e-commerce solutions
  • Enterprise solution development for smarter inventory management
  • B2B, B2C, C2C solution development

    Our Retail Solutions includes:

  • Employee social networking solutions
  • E commerce solutions
  • Mobile and web based coupon system
  • Mobile and Enterprise solution for supply chain and Inventory management
  • Travel, Leisure & Transportation

    Travel SEO & Hotels Web Development
    Our talented team members have gained their expertise in the field of optimization of tour and travels websites. Use of specially made algorithms and targeted keywords helps in easy flow of traffic on client's website. The variety of SEO services we provide targets on different kinds of searches that include image search, local search as well as industry specific vertical search engines.
    Our SEO/ SEM services are:
  • Keywords research and analysis
  • Search engine friendly design & URL structure
  • The on page SEO optimization we conduct include title, meta tags, content, link navigation, code/ html and image optimization
  • Blogging and forum posting
  • Article and press release submission in high PR sites
  • Monthly progress report is made
  • Education & Tutoring

    Education & Tutoring
    This is the sector which has been influenced most by inception of open source and web 2.0. More and more institutions are turning to e learning, Learning management system are common tools for distance learning nowadays.

    Our Educational domain expertise:

  • Expertise in web 2.0 solutions using Rich Internet applications
  • Expert resources working in open source
  • Experience in developing applications with real time data exchange

    Our solutions in education domain include:

  • Development of Community portal for students
  • Web based Collaborative applications
  • Web based e-learning and LMS solutions and KMS
  • E-Commerce & Shopping

    Ecommerce & Shopping
    The SEO method we adopt is used to improve the volume and quality of the traffic to a particular website via algorithms and targeted keywords. We have expertise in developing and promoting e-commerce and portals of our clients. Whether you have a pharmacy, garment or any other business, the SEO/ SEM services we offer will surely provide an astonishing increase in your profit ration within short time
    SEO services we offer include:
  • Implementation of SEO / Marketing Strategies
  • Rank on major search engines and driving potential traffic to your website
  • Increase your ROL (Return on Investments)
  • Traffic & Sales leads Conversion Analysis
  • Website up-gradation with the latest Search Algorithm and Marketing Trend
  • Media & Entertainment

    Media and Entertainment
    Some search engine referrals does not guarantee more sales. So, it is essential that website generate potential and relevant traffic. This is only possible if exact keywords are used in the content.

    There are lots of internets marketing strategies and campaign that we can use to drive organic traffic to website. This may also involve paid advertising, building high quality web pages to attract visitors, addressing technical issues to keep the search engines indexing and crawling these sites.

    The SEO/ SEM and web promotion services we offer for media and entertainment can generate 100% return on investment. From big corporate to small scale industries, we provide complete search engine placement and marketing services at competitive prices. The complete website marketing and positioning solutions we provide help in building your corporate identity, increasing product presence across the globe and making our clients stay ahead in competition.

    Automobile Industry

    Automobile SEO & Website development
    We at DPI Infotech offers SEO/ SEM and Website development services for all kinds of automobile websites. The search engine optimization services we provide is the art of placing client's website in the very first page of major search engines by using strategically defined set of keywords.

    With proper SEO and Website development, our client get their automobile pages listed on top in leading search engines that will give a major boost to their business also.

    Why Search Engine Optimization?

  • Over 400 million searches are commanded by major search engines everyday.
  • It has comparatively better ROI than other traditional internet marketing strategies like banner campaigns and email marketing.
  • SEO leads you to capture targeted traffic, so you can set your target market and can customize it anytime according to your requirement and get maximum available business and high ROI.
  • Once a website is optimized for search engines, it can stay on top ranking for long period of time depending upon your maintenance strategies.