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In this competitive business world, ERP solutions integrate all major business actions and functions in a well-organized manner and offer organizations the ability to accomplish their business tasks more efficiently and save time and money. You can input data pertaining to customers, vendors, orders and share, across several functional departments flawlessly. You can even automate warehouse and inventory process along with billing and accounting processes. As a value addition, ERP software applications are useful in creating reports and analyzing trends and by this means it can enable you to respond quickly to the market swings. The ERP solutions help in business process by making you competitive; here is some the key feature of the ERP automation and implementation.

  • Improves competitiveness
  • Increases business quickness
  • Improves flexibility in responding to the market stress
  • Fast implementation and easy to tailor

Web Based ERP Solution, automates the tasks essentially to perform a business process - such as order fulfilment, which involves taking an order from a customer, shipping it and billing for it. Everyone else in the company can view the same information and has access to the single database that holds the order. To find out where the order is at any point, one need only log in to the system. With chance, the order process moves like a bolt of lightning through the organization.

We have helped many global companies successfully implement large, complex ERP systems effectively through our end-to-end ERP services portfolio. Our extensive experience in ERP implementation, ERP integration and extending ERP functionality has helped us develop capabilities in architecting scalable and adaptive customer solutions, which support incremental enhancement with built-in modularity. As a result, our clients have access to real-time business information that is comprehensible and useful, across the endeavor.

  • Financials / Accounting
  • Time & Billing
  • Order Management & Fulfilment
  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Front & Back Office Integration

Our ERP implementation and ERP integration methodologies speed time-to-value delivery for a number of reasons, including their incorporation of the right analytics for real-time decision-making. Our ERP implementation solutions also seamlessly integrate applications across contrasting platforms and technologies, to increase the value of IT investments, and enhance productivity and profitability.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers - including potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single objective: keeping customers pleased. It's an overall approach to help you learn more about your customers and their behaviour so you can develop stronger, long-term relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It's very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.